5Rhythms Mindfulness


5Rhythms Mindfulness

5Rhythms® Mindfulness–Individual Coaching

5Rhythms® is a movement meditation practice that provides unique tools to promote deeper awareness, intuitive expression, and wellbeing that translates into your life in profound and significant ways. Using free movement, 5Rhythms mindfulness taps into the innate wisdom and authenticity of the body. 5Rhythms can help you to be confident and comfortable in your body while trying on new ways of being in the world and can be adapted to all body types, ages, levels of experience, and physical ability.

5Rhythms Mindfulness Coaching begins with a 5-week introductory program for creating your home practice. Each week is devoted to one of the 5Rhythms–Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness–with specific tools and exercises for each part of your journey. Through ongoing coaching you can investigate specific threads of your life, increase your knowledge of the rhythms, receive support with navigating and integrating any information that arises, and connect to your deepest vitality.


5Rhythms® Circles and Workshops

5Rhythms Circles are a low-cost alternative to individual coaching sessions for developing and exploring a home practice. Embark on your journey in the company of others on the same path of personal transformation.

5Rhythms Workshops address specific themes through the 5Rhythms movement meditation practice, with the added component of being in community. Please inquire about upcoming workshops and about workshops that can be brought to your community.

5Rhythms Mindfulness
5Rhythms Mindfulness

5Rhythms® Mindfulness for Business

5Rhythms® can also be used to addresses business skills such as embodying leadership, stress reduction, team-building, effective communication and conflict resolution and can be adapted for individuals or organizations. Set up a consultation to determine if 5Rhythms is right for you or your organization.



“Rebekah  is strong, raw, real, with grace and tenacity. She takes her dancers into the deep waters of life and has them rise up into the light more authentic and open-hearted. She helped me to birth the new me that was wanting to come through. I often credit her as being the catalyst for transforming my life. She helped me find my way home, back to myself.”


“Rebekah always manages to invite me to open new places within me though the dance. Her teaching is clear and honest. She penetrates my resistance and invites me to move from a deeper place. My body and soul flow through the 5Rhythms. Each wave is unique and transformative. I always leave feeling spiritually refreshed.”


“Rebekah holds the space beautifully, and I’ve experienced a sense of belonging, healing, depth, and joy every time.”